"Your photos brought tears to my eyes. Words can't say how thankful we are for sharing your talent with us. I am just speechless..." ~ Sarah W., bride (Indianapolis, Indiana)

"These photos are drop-dead gorgeous. You are an artist. You honor my daughter and son-in-law (and family and friends) with your work. We all noted how incredibly hard you worked at the wedding, and it shows!" ~ Dale W., father of the bride

"I have seen a lot of wedding pictures this year, and yours are the best ... You managed to transcend the usual sentimental sameness of wedding pictures, and got the uniqueness of this event." ~ Phil S., (Boston, Massachusetts)

"With such a mix of portraits and candids, you would swear he cloned himself to be in ten spots at once! In addition to his keen editorial eye when it comes to photos, Scott was also able to expertly help us navigate through the wedding photography planning process. We went into our wedding with several wedding photo venues and shots in mind, and Scott was able to create a timeline that allowed us to use each venue, and capture each group, while sticking to a fairly tight schedule. Scott's planning skills and confidence put us at ease, and made for a stress free experience." ~ Sarah M., bride (Albany, New York)

"You are such a talented artist and a joy to work with." ~ Amanda and Jason, bride and groom (Boston, Massachusetts)

"One of the best things about married life so far has been getting to go through all the pictures you took. They just light up our faces all over again." ~ Alexandra, bride (Portland, Maine)

"It is coming up on Cassandra and my first anniversary and I must say it's been a great year! I just wanted to say thanks again so much for doing such a great job at our wedding (and for putting up with me). I truly look back on our photos and on our montage whenever I'm feeling stressed or blue and I am instantly happy and remember what is important in life. Again, you were definitely the right man for the job, and Cassandra loved your energy and your work as well. In fact she had had an immediate feeling you were the right guy when we first met, and I've learned to trust her, which I think is the ultimate sign of a good relationship. You were very accommodating to our needs, professional, expert at your craft, and of course generous with both the overall package especially by including all the original photos!! Really great man. Thank you very much Scott, we were really lucky to have you and we always recommend you very highly." ~ Bret B., groom (Boston, Massachusetts)

"We had high expectations from seeing his previous work, but Scott and his associate wildly exceeded our expectations... completely unobtrusive during both our ceremony and our reception - I barely knew they were there - but they captured *everything* stunningly. Our photographs really convey all of the emotions that were present on our wedding day. We are so happy." ~ Anonymous on Google

"There is not a single person who has looked at the photos that hasn't been in awe of your work. You really have a gift for capturing the spirit of the moment whether that includes people, things, or both! We are already talking about what events we can plan just so that we can have you photograph it!" ~ Marilynn R., mother of the bride

"I can't even begin to thank you enough for such amazing wedding photos. I think I've looked at them 100 times, and I see something amazing that you captured every time. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" ~ Kate and Winston, bride and groom (Copake, New York)

"With his wonderful mix of portraits and journalistic shots, he was able to capture our wedding on so many facets - I am still wiping away the tears after viewing the BEAUTIFUL images! We were blown away by how many original and artistic shots Scott was able to take. He was somehow able to take every essential portrait we wanted, while still capturing all the decor and details that we added to make our wedding unique. Not to mention the tender moments! My mother is a tough customer when it comes to smiling in photos, but Scott was able to still capture several happy and candid moments where you could see that smile." ~ Sarah M., bride (Albany, New York)

"I love your style and the way you work. These two people are exceptional lights in the world, that you fully appreciate that saturates these images. Maybe it's even simpler you celebrate their love with elegance." ~ Aunt of the bride (Austin, Texas)

"Scott was the best! He managed to be everywhere, capturing every moment, and yet not obtrusive..." ~ Five-star review on weddingwire.com

"I know most of the customers that come into my work and showed the photos to all of them. They all say three things. Most beautiful dress they have ever seen. Most beautiful church they have ever seen. And most amazing photos they have ever seen." ~ James V., groom (San Francisco, California)

"These photographs are so beautiful. I felt like the day itself was Sarah's, Simon's, Richard's and my collaboration on a great work of art- and you matched it with these stunning pictures. We will always be grateful." ~ Ann L., mother of the bride (New York City)

"Scott absolutely surpassed our expectations. When I look at the photos from that day, I can't help but smile as he captured exactly how magical and wonderful the day truly was." ~ Catherine B., bride (Washington, DC)

"Scott Langley is a true artist behind the lens and his experience in photojournalism shows through his work in a very rich, organic way. The moments he captured for us are amazingly special so that each photograph stands on its own as work of art." ~ Gina B., bride (Western Massachusetts)

"You captured our day and moments beautifully with the artistic flare that I love!" ~ Summer H., bride (Cooperstown, New York)

"You made everyone feel comfortable. Dan couldn't get over how professional you were, and you made everyone feel like a star." ~ Moira C., bride (Albany, New York)

"The photos are everything we could have hoped for." ~ Simon V., groom (Ghent, New York)

"As I write this Sarah is putting together our album of prints [for our one-year anniversary], and I am again blown away by the way you captured the event. Your work is so great, and the story of our wedding through your lens looks so beautiful." ~ Hugo M., groom (New York City)

"These are beyond amazing. We couldn't have asked for anything more." ~ Marisa and Annie (Washington, DC)

"We can’t thank you again enough for sharing our wedding through your creative and artistic lens. I am still wiping away tears from looking at the discs filled with such beautiful photographs! We were blessed to have had you share in our wedding!" ~ Sarah and Jeremy, bride and groom (Albany, New York)

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