Scott Langley is available for weddings, engagements, portraits, corporate work, events, conferences, real estate, non-profit work, free-lance journalism, and all other general photography requests.

Style and approach:

A sociologist by study and a photographer by training, I have more than 20 years of experience as a professional photographer, incorporating both classic and modern styles with an emphasis on photojournalism and documentary style photography. This style translates into my work with weddings, portraits and events.

In my approach to wedding and portrait photography, I seek to transcend the usual sentimental sameness often seem order to capture the uniqueness of each person and of each moment (a client’s words, not mine).  To me, a photo needs to reflect the feeling of the moment, and I believe this is best done by focusing on expressive emotion as it naturally occurs.  I do not believe in staging cheesy moments, but simply capturing the hours, minutes, and moments as they unfold.  I am there, I am present, and I hold myself to high standards of bringing those moments back to my clients in a way that tells the story of their own experience and feelings.  And I do so with a delicate balance of beauty and aesthetics that are magazine worthy.

I am a hard worker, and a perfectionist. But I am also laid back and unobtrusive. I strive to capture the moments that you didn’t even know existed, while doing it in a way that you didn’t even know I was there.  (Most common feedback from my wedding and event clients? “how did you manage to be everywhere without me noticing?!”)  Maybe you thought your kids were so uncooperative that they ruined the family photo shoot. Maybe you thought the bad weather on your wedding day ruined the chance for great photographs.  I will show you through the photos I capture that everything was perfect.  It is the magic that I do – for you and your families.

More about Scott:

Scott Langley is based in Ghent, New York on the Western Massachusetts / Hudson Valley border (2 hours from NYC, 2.5 hours from Boston, 45 minutes from Albany), but travels frequently for photography work and for exhibitions and presentation of his images.  He shoots everything from backyard weddings and family portraits two miles down the road from his home to high-end events in New York City to corporate trade shows everywhere from California to Florida. He also does human rights documentary work around the United States and recently in East Africa.  There is nowhere Scott will not go. Go ahead, test him. He dares you.

Scott’s world-renowned and award-winning journalism work, focused on human rights issues, has been exhibited widely throughout the world and across the United States.  Each year his photos are exhibited in anywhere from 15-20 locations, and Scott often travels in conjunction with the exhibits to give presentations about the intersection of photography and human rights.  His photos have appeared in dozens of media outlets, including CNN, the Associated Press, the BBC, HBO, The Economist, National Geographic and PBS, as well as in films and books.

And the connection between human rights work and wedding photography? Because LOVE is a HUMAN RIGHT. As Fyodor Dostoevsky once put it, “beauty will save the world.” And likewise, Scott continues to work in that sentiment – balancing the emotions of the world through the lens of his camera.

For more about Scott's professional photography experience and a detailed list of exhibitions worldwide, download his resume. Follow Scott Langley Photography on Facebook and Instagram.

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