A collection of sample wedding photos can be viewed below.  For current examples, you can view posts on Facebook and Instagram. While photos are no longer posted on the blog, you can still access an archive of additional in-depth work here.

A sociologist by study and a photographer by training, I have 20 years of experience as a professional photographer, incorporating both classic and modern styles with an emphasis on photojournalism and documentary style photography. This style translates into my work with weddings, portraits and events.

In my approach to wedding photography, I seek to transcend the usual sentimental sameness often seen in wedding photography in order to capture the uniqueness of each person and of each moment (a client’s words, not mine).  To me, a photo needs to reflect the feeling of the moment, and I believe this is best done by focusing on expressive emotion as it naturally occurs.  I do not believe in staging cheesy moments, but simply capturing the hours, minutes, and moments as they unfold.  I am there, I am present, and I hold myself to high standards of bringing those moments back to my clients in a way that tells the story of their own experience and feelings.  I strive to capture the moments that you didn’t even know existed, while doing it in a way that you didn’t even know I was there.

I look forward to the challenge of bringing this unique and dedicated style to your wedding.

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