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Scott Langley Photography

Scott Langley specializes in high-end photojournalism and documentary-style digital wedding photography, incorporating both classic and modern styles.

A sociologist by study and a photographer by training, Scott has over 15 years of experience as a professional photographer.  His passion for people and art combine an eye for emotion with creative visuals to showcase your speecial wedding moments with a unique, personal flair.


About the Service

Although based in the Eastern New York State area on the Western Massachusetts border, Scott travels extensively for his photography - including destination weddings abroad and throughout the United States.   Areas normally serviced include: Albany, Boston, New York City, Western Massachusetts, The Berkshires, the Hudson Valley, Upstate NY, Saratoga, The Adirondacks, Columbia County NY, and the Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas area.   Also available for destination weddings through the U.S. and abroad.   Do not hesitate to inquire about availability no matter where or when your wedding may be.

Now booking for 2014.  Contact Scott now to discuss what you are looking for and to find out what he can do for you to capture your ceremony and celebration with the artistic flare that you love.

A commitment to excellence: All photographs are captured in high resolution RAW format to maximize quality and longevity, using high end professional camera equipment, including digital camera bodies, lenses and flash equipment.   And after the wedding you can count on the safe keeping of your photos, as at all times a triple backup storage system is utilized.

A commitment to the environment: Not only are all cameras and flashes operated by rechargeable batteries, but all transportation to and from your wedding is done so by a high efficiency hybrid-fueled vehicle - either gas-battery hybrid, or diesel-vegetable oil hybrid - both getting over 50 mpg.

About the Photographer

A sociologist by study and a photographer by training, Scott's passion for both people and photography has found a blend to create what has become a beautiful and exciting portfolio of wedding images.   He considers himself a "visual sociologist," incorporating classic and modern styles of photography.

Scott's world-renowned and award-winning journalism work, mostly focused on human rights issues, has been exhibited widely throughout the world, including New York City, Washington D.C., San Francisco, Dallas, Philadelphia, Boston, Atlanta, Denver, London, Germany, Norway, Ireland and Denmark.   His photos have also appeared in dozens of media outlets, including CNN, the Associated Press, HBO and PBS.

And the connection between human rights work and weddings? Because LOVE is a HUMAN RIGHT. And as Fyodor Dostoevsky once put it, "beauty will save the world." And likewise, Scott continues to work in that belief - balancing the emotions of the world through the lens of his camera.

Wedding Photography by Scott Langley

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