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I check your blog and site every once in a while, and the way that I know that you're the right photographer for us is that the weddings you post make me feel emotional, and I don't even know the people, so I can only imagine how I'll feel when it's our wedding!

~ Karen S., mother of the bride-to-be,
Newton, Massachusetts

We were very impressed with the work we saw on your website and thought you'd be a good "fit" for the wedding and that's how it turned out. Some of my relatives commented that you were always around taking photos, but you were not at all intrusive. That's a very good compliment. So, thank you again. We couldn't be happier with the photos. My husband was very impressed and happy with them and he can be a tough critic! Well done!

~ Gail V., mother of the bride
San Francisco, California

Before David and I set our date for our wedding we called (in this order) our minister to make sure she was available and then Scott to make sure he could be our photographer. We wanted someone who would make us feel comfortable, work with us to create the kind of photos we wanted and that fit us as a couple and family, and be fun to spend so much time with during the weekend of our wedding. Scott was perfect. We loved the pictures he took, his professionalism, his speed (he had our pictures on the website while we were still on our honeymoon), and his willingness to give us the photos on a disc. We'd recommend Scott to anyone looking for a photographer who will capture the spirit of the wedding with love.

~ Elizabeth P., bride
Raleigh, North Carolina

Thank so much for everything you did to make our wedding day extra special... more importantly we can't describe how incredibly grateful we are for your photography. The day was a whirlwind but you went above and beyond to provide us with photos that will forever bring fond and joyful memories. Seriously, you're the best Scott, and thanks so much for offering us your talent for our wedding.

~ Anna D.,
Long Island, New York

Your photos brought tears to my eyes. Words can't say how thankful we are for sharing your talent with us. We have already been passing along your name with vigor and will continue to do so. You are so, so talented! I can't believe you took so many pictures! I am just speechless I am so happy to see these. Thank you, thank you!

~ Sarah W., bride
Indianapolis, Indiana

I know most of the customers that come into my work and showed the photos to all of them. They all say three things. Most beautiful dress they have ever seen. Most beautiful church they have ever seen. And most amazing photos they have ever seen. Thank you, Scott. We love the photos so much.

~ James V., groom
San Fransico, California

I just watched the slideshow (I'm horrible- I should've waited until Corey got home but I just couldn't help myself!) and it's amazing, Scott. You are AWESOME!

~ Lindsay A., bride
Breckenridge, Colorado

These photos are drop-dead gorgeous. You are an artist. You honor my daughter and son-in-law (and family and friends) with your work. Marilyn and I are so grateful to have these images to remember this wonderful wedding. We all noted how incredibly hard you worked at the wedding, and it shows!

~ Dale W., father of the bride

I'm a photographer who has been to seven weddings in the last 14 months. I have seen a lot of wedding pictures this year, and yours are the best pro photos of all seven. You managed to transcend the usual sentimental sameness of wedding pictures, and got the uniqueness of this event. Well done!

~ Phil S., photographer
Boston, Massachusetts

Scott- what can we say? These photographs are so beautiful, we can watch them over and over and relive the joy of the day. I felt like the day itself was Sarah's, Simon's, Richard's and my collaboration on a great work of art- and you matched it with these stunning pictures. We will always be grateful.

~ Ann L., mother of the bride
Upstate NY

Was just looking at our wedding montage for the umpteenth time and thought, I need to write Scott! It is coming up on Cassandra and my first anniversary and I must say it's been a great year! I just wanted to say thanks again so much for doing such a great job at our wedding (and for putting up with me). I truly look back on our photos and on our montage whenever I'm feeling stressed or blue and I am instantly happy and remember what is important in life. Again, you were definitely the right man for the job, and Cassandra loved your energy and your work as well. In fact she had had an immediate feeling you were the right guy when we first met, and I've learned to trust her, which I think is the ultimate sign of a good relationship. You were very accommodating to our needs, professional, expert at your craft, and of course generous with both the overall package especially by including all the original photos!! Really great man. Thank you very much Scott, we were really lucky to have you and we always recommend you very highly.

~ Bret B., groom
Boston, Massachusetts

Scott absolutely surpassed our expectations. He captured so many moments that I missed as the bride: relatives laughing and chatting beforehand, shots of the groomsmen hanging out, and my parents dancing! He also took a number of beautiful candid portraits that I just love. When I look at the photos from that day, I can't help but smile as he captured exactly how magical and wonderful the day truly was.

~ Catherine B., bride
Washington, DC

I received your photo disks today and I am beyond excited and pleased with your work. You captured our day and moments beautifully with the artistic flare that I love! I just love the photos and have been getting rave reviews on how you captured the energy and moments of our day.

~ Summer H., bride
Copperstown, New York

The prints came. They are exquisite. I have never seen such clarity. So exquisite that Sarah and I have left them in their tissue paper cocoons. Too beautiful to touch. We will get over that soon, I hope!!!

~ Ann L., mother of the bride
Upstate New York

We are so fortunate to have had Scott Langley shoot our wedding. He is a true artist behind the lens and his experience in photojournalism shows through his work in a very rich, organic way. The moments he captured for us are amazingly special so that each photograph stands on its own as work of art. He is also very accommodating and a joy to work with. Scott Langley is a one-of-a-kind photographer so snatch him up while you can!

~ Gina B., bride
Western Massachusetts

Scott has a great eye for journalistic-style photography and his work shows it. He traveled more than 2,000 miles to photograph our wedding and he brought his signature patience, skill and professionalism. He artistically photographed the right moments and went above and beyond to capture the full breath of our destination wedding by photographing city landmarks and culture during our wedding weekend. We couldn't have asked for a better wedding photographer than Scott.

~ Sonia M., bride
Washington, DC

Absolutely, incredibly, fantastically gorgeous!

~ Anonymous blog post

There are many, many people in both families who are now obsessively watching these on repeat. So thank you Scott!

~ Anonymous blog post

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We received everything and are so very happy! You and Ben did a fabulous job at the wedding, and ordering everything through you went off without any issues. All the pictures, slideshow, canvas and book are wonderful and we can't thank you enough!

~ Jill and Rob P., bride and groom
Western Massachusetts

We LOVE the photos! Thank you so much! We're already getting great feedback from people we gave the links to. It is going to be hard to pick prints.

~ Heidi S.

Just a little note to express our sincere gratitude for all of your hard work at our wedding. We had the best day of our lives, and we have amazing photos to remind us forever. Thank you for your professionalism and patience. You really are amazing! I will send all of the soon-to-be brides I meet your way! Thank you!"

~ Christie and Allen B., bride and groom
Saratoga, New York

Thanks so much!! We got the photo disc and have been slowly making our way through the online gallery (we've been super busy and get completely sucked in when we start looking at your wonderful photos!). It's really so great to see how much of the wedding you were able to capture - and - I can't believe how late you stayed!! Thank you so much for putting in those extra hours, I know you must have been exhausted! We love the slideshow as well and have been sharing it already with co-workers and friends. I love seeing everyone's smiles when they watch it.

~ Anna D., bride
Long Island, New York

We got our discs in the mail on Saturday, I was so excited to see them!! The pictures turned out amazing, I absolutely love them!! You captured every single aspect of the day, and I cannot thank you enough!! You truly are so, so talented!!

~ Christie, bride
Saratoga, New York

Thanks for doing a great job at our wedding. You made everyone feel comfortable. Thanks again! Dan couldn't get over how professional you were, and you made everyone feel like a star.

~ Moira C., bride
Albany, New York

Wowwwww! Scott, this is an amazing set of pictures. We are thrilled! Thank you to both you and Ben for your hard work. It's not going to be easy to decide on prints, but we'll work on it.

~ Sarah L., bride
Boston, Massaschuetts

Thank you so much. You really did an amazing job of capturing this day for us. The photos are everything we could have hoped for. And special thanks for doing the slideshows with songs that are meaningful to us -- especially the one with my father's song, which, as you can imagine, has been a great hit among the clan.

~ Simon V., groom
Upstate New York

I just wanted to get a quick note off to you to say how very pleased I am with the slideshow/video you sent to Kat and James today. We just LOVE it! You did a super job on it! I've shown it to some people and they all say how happy everyone looks! You have done an excellent job with the photographs and really captured the day. Thank you SO much!!!

~ Gail V., mother of the bride
San Francisco, California

Wedding Photography by Scott Langley

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